Things to see and do with your kids

Our area is full of things to do and attractions to visit with the children, to spend pleasant moments with them, entertaining and at the same time interesting for adults. 

The first place that we recommend, even for its proximity to our farm, is the Archaeological Park Educational Livelet in the town of Lake Revine (TV). In the park there is an interesting  reconstructed dwelling village, which is the open-air museum and the kids can  take part in one of the laboratories of experimental archeology or imitative. For more information:
Tuesday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm 
tel. + 39 0438.2123 0 
For the Park opening days call+ 39 329.2605713

You can also visit the Caves of Caglieron (Grotte del Caglieron) in Breda di Fregona (TV).
The caves, eroded deeply into banks of sandstone, in part have been excavated by man to get the cut stone used in construction for frames and jambs since 1500. Along the various caverns there is a  pedestrian path, facilitated by bold wooden bridges. You end up outdoors near an old mill converted into a tavern-restaurant. Access to the caves is free. 
Continuing towards the Pian del Cansiglio you can stroll through the magnificent forest at 1000 meters above sea level and bring your kids in the resort Sant'Anna where they can ride horses, there isa playground and picnic area, and a restaurant  where you can eat . 

Not to be missed by young and old alike is the fantastic Playground Free at Osteria Ai Pioppi, Via VIII Armata n  76, Nervesa della Battaglia (on Saturday and Sunday)
The Osteria Ai Pioppi is probably a unique place in the world and what makes it so wonderful is the carnival craft, in the green of the woods, hand-built in 40 years of work by the craftsman and owner of the tavern, Bruno Ferrin. There is a 3 coaster "pendulum", several slides also very high, attractions pedal, lianas, circular rides, bike on rollers, trampolines, several swings, children's rides, all manually fed into the woods of oak and locust trees. For decades this place has amused children of the province of Treviso and the Veneto region then, to arrive now, thanks to the web, to collect the right success for what is a true wonder to behold. All games are available as 5 years of age and some are reserved for children aged 10 years. For the little ones who can not climb on the games there anyway and there is an entire beautiful forest to explore. The park is open from 10 am and lunch or dinner you will find yourself at the tables of the tavern located under a canopy. At the final...a fantastic lunch: grilled meat, polenta, mushrooms and sopressa, and the specialty of the place, the typical grilled cheese.
You have to give to your children an afternoon with the ponies in the stables Article V Horse Academy in Via Caliselle No 29 in Colle Umberto (Treviso), tel: + 39 0438 5803 14 
The Centre has several ponies, with whom the children do lesson on the field and approach the world by learning animal care and respect. For young people experienced the Center offers lessons approach to all equestrian disciplines: Pony Games, Gymkhana, Pony Carousel and Endurance.